Water Loss Management: How We Can Help in Ghana


Water loss management, or water loss control, is finding ways to prevent massive amounts of water waste through destructive leaks....

Water Loss Management: How We Can Help in Ghana

Water loss management, or water loss control, is finding ways to prevent massive amounts of water waste through destructive leaks. For homes, this is as simple as calling for a plumber to seal leaks, or to handle basic leak detection to spot locations where water is escaping from pipes. When it comes to commercial plumbing, water loss management is complex and requires professionals using a variety of advanced tools.

The loss of water from a commercial building can be tremendous and put a massive dent in a company’s budget. A skilled and experienced commercial plumber in Ghana can help identify aging pipes needing replacement and other areas where expensive water loss in a building can be remedied.

How Our Plumbers Help With Water Loss Management

There’s no single tool used for identifying areas of water loss. Our experienced plumbers use a range of techniques and advanced tools.

Basic leak detection is used to determine the existence of leaks, although it doesn’t necessarily tell us where they’re occurring. Checking on water meters is one way to see a pattern, but our plumbers will take more active measures, such as using listening devices along water lines and at valves.

The actual work of leak location is more involved, although it uses some similar tools such as listening devices. To help us identify when we are closing in on a leak, the listening devices have ways of measuring the intensity of the sound they’re picking up. (“You’re getting warmer … warmer ….”) However, noise from the ground or other machinery can interfere with this. We can use leak noise correlators to pinpoint the location more exactly. These devices take measurements between two sensors and then use software to mathematically determine where the leak is occurring between them—with high accuracy.

One of the newer technologies in water loss management is leak mapping. This method allows us to collect information that not only identifies leaks but locates problem areas that may soon lead to leaking. This tool is great for planning plumbing renovations and rehabilitation for older buildings. We can create a “leak history” to help a facility not only now but in the future.

We can also monitor leaks through leak loggers, which are designed to help identify leaks that are otherwise difficult to hear during normal business hours because of outside noise. A leak logger can be put in place and left there, monitoring for water loss during late nights and over weekends. We can use loggers to find out the extent of a leak and if it’s worsening. We can also put in place permanent leak loggers to actively monitor for the appearance of new leaks. This is an excellent proactive preventive measure for buildings where water loss has been a problem before. The sooner we catch leaks when they’re small, the easier they are to deal with.

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